AKA Alföld Koncessziós Autópálya Ltd. and the M5 Motorway Operator Company, A-WAY Ltd. have prepared their maintenance fleet for winter operation, which is ready to handle winter conditions with a regular road control service starting from 10th November, 2023. At three operation and maintenance centres – located near Újhartyán, Kiskunfélegyháza and Balástya – the vehicles and their adapters handling the winter maintenance works were prepared and passed the inspections.

AKA Alföld Koncessziós Autópálya Ltd. and the M5 Motorway Operating Company, A-WAY Ltd., carry out tasks instructed for winter operation in accordance with their legal obligations. The motorway and the maintenance fleet are all prepared for the winter season. Training of the workforce has concluded in accordance with the operating regulations.  An on-call service will be provided starting from 10th November, 2023, up until 15th March, 2024. Depending on weather conditions, the duration of this service can be subject of change.

The winter maintenance of the 156.6-kilometre-long motorway section is managed by three operation and maintenance centres with the help of vehicles specifically adjusted to the winter operation period. De-icing and snow removal will be carried out by 12 dual-purpose vehicles. In addition, 7 multifunctional Unimogs capable of disseminating salt and ploughing, 3 for loading and if necessary, 4 additional rented vehicles can help with the winter operation of the motorway.

The maintenance centres are prepared for the de-icing the road surfaces of the motorway. For this purpose, 7001 tons of sodium chloride and 18 tons of calcium chloride is available in the salt storages. At each operation and maintenance centre, the service is managed by a chief supervisor in 12-hour shifts. The drivers also work in 12-hour shifts, while the dispatcher and road patrol service ensures smooth traffic conditions 24 hours a day.

In order to ensure accident-free and continuous traffic flow, the Operator regularly monitors road conditions every two hours during the day, and every four hours between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

In order to increase traffic safety, a CCTV camera system is operating, that enables continuous traffic monitoring at interchanges and rest areas as well. Meteorological stations placed along the motorway relay the latest weather data every five minutes. The Operating Company monitors the satellite imagery combined with cloud-based data of the National Meteorological Service, which is updated every 15 minutes relating to the highway sections belonging to each operation and maintenance centre. In addition, travelers, who have experienced a mechanical breakdown can request help using emergency telephones which are located every two kilometers.

Accident-free traffic therefore depends on the responsibility of the drivers as well as the condition of their vehicles. In order to ensure a safe and smooth winter travel, we kindly ask everyone to watch out for each other on the roads and prepare their car for the winter. In order to drive safely travelers may need to reduce their usual travel speed they have been accustomed to during the summer weather conditions.
Extreme weather conditions can further complicate the work the maintenance fleet carries out during winter. We ask motorists to excercise increased patience and caution.

Before leaving, we kindly ask you to check the latest road information updates provided by Utinform as well as AKA Ltd., and pay attention to keep the sufficient following distance and traffic rules while travelling!

We wish you an accident-free and safe travel!

AKA Ltd.


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