The traffic speed on the M5 Motorway may decrease from time to time due to scheduled maintenance and operation works. In overloaded traffic lanes, the risk of accidents and periodic traffic jams can also increase, so AKA Ltd. compiled several useful pieces of travel advice for travelers.

The operation and maintenance works of the M5 Motorway proceeds according to a precisely planned schedule every year, AKA Ltd. provides continuous updated information on its website (

  • Due to the works and the associated traffic restrictions, we ask vehicle drivers on the M5 Motorway to drive with additional caution and patience, in accordance with the suggested speed limits and in consideration of the road conditions.
  • In order to ensure safe traffic conditions, it is crucial that drivers inspect that their vehicles are up to technical safety standards, in addition drivers should pay particular attention to maintain a sufficient following distance in heavy traffic.
  • It is important that motorists choose the speed of their vehicles according to the road and visibility conditions.
  • Drive carefully, and if you experience fatigue, take a break – preferably once every 2 hours – at one of the designated rest areas.
  • In addition to complying with all of these suggestions, please fasten your seat belts when you head out!
  • Before starting your journey, always look up information regarding ongoing works on the M5 Motorway on the website!

 AKA Ltd. aims to schedule the works in accordance to minimalize inconveniences that travelers may have to face. At the same time, the operator asks drivers to exercise patience towards each other and the highway workers, so that everyone may reach their destination safely.

Unforeseeable events may result in changes to the aforementioned schedule. AKA Ltd. reserves the right to modify the schedule of the maintenance works.

 We wish you a safe trip!

AKA Ltd.

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