AKA Alföld Koncessziós Autópálya Ltd. and the M5 Motorway Operator Company, A-WAY Ltd. has resumed their operation and maintenance tasks in accordance with their legal obligations following the end of the winter season.

During the transition towards the spring season, AKA Ltd. and the M5 Motorway Operator Company, A-WAY Ltd. will carry out washing and cleaning works, maintenance procedures on the vegetation, as well as cleaning the emergency lanes and the curbsides of the roads as part of their operation tasks. Adapters suitable for the spring work have also been prepared and installed.

In addition to the operational works, this year’s renovation and pavement renovation works are currently also under planning. The pavement renovation works are expected to start in late spring, the exact location and time of which will be provided by AKA Ltd. on their website www.aka.hu as well as Útinform on their website www.utinform.hu.

We wish you a safe travel!

AKA Ltd.