The operation of M5 Motorway is managed by A-WAY Zrt. based on the Operation and Maintenance Contract concluded between AKA Zrt. and A-WAY  Zrt.
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  Operation vehicles in the emergency lane

The operation includes the following services:

service and assistance (notification of authorities in case of accidents, assurance of the site);
small maintenance works, repair of smaller defects
continuous cultivation of the plants along the motorway
routine daily tasks


  removal of obstructions,
  maintenance of traffic signs,
  maintenance of facilities,
  winter maintenance, de-icing, snow cleaning,
  road patrol service during the day in every two hours, during the night in every four hours


Weigh station in operation   AKA Zrt. opened its first weigh station on 1 February 2007 on the left carriageway of M5 Motorway by chainage 71+500.


The process of operation of the weigh station:

1., The truck driver will observe the „Diverge to slip road" traffic sign and will be diverted to the parallel slip road.

2., The truck passes over the detectors adjusted to check adherence to the 50 km/h speed limit and the 30 m safety distance, then over the high speed axle load weigh on the parallel slip road.

3., The truck driver gets a "Diverge to slip road" instruction via the VMS diverting him into the weigh station in the following cases:

- the axle load – any of them – exceeds the permitted value,
- the total weight of the truck exceeds the permitted value,
- the speed exceeds the permitted value,
- the vehicle spacing is smaller than the permitted value.

In case of "Diverge to slip road" sign, the driver should change the lane and slow down to 10 km/h.

4., If the vehicle does not get "Diverge to slip road" sign, the driver is heading toward the main lane.

5., The truck arrives in front of the scale area, the driver will see a 5 km/h speed limit traffic sign. In case of green light the truck may drive on the scale, at a constant 3 to 5 km/h speed. Since the speed limit is too low to be indicated correctly by the vehicle's speedometer, we installed a speed display in front of the passing vehicles.

6.a, There is another sign behind the gross weight scale which shows red light. If the weighing process is successful (the vehicle is not overweight), the lamps turn to green by an arrow indicating right. The operator opens the exit barrier and the truck may leave the area of the weigh station.

6.b, If the weighing process is aborted (the vehicle is overweight), than:

- The exit sign turns to green by an arrow indicating left, showing the way to the parking area.

- After having successfully rearranged the load or transferred a part of the load to another truck, the vehicle joins should be weighed again.