Guard rail exchange works will be carried out on M5 Motorway foreseeably between 9th March and 25th June 2020 between chainage 44 and 65 km. The works are scheduled on both carriageways of the motorway in the median.

The works foreseeably start on 9th March 2020 on the affected sections, and will be carried out in four phases. The first phase will last foreseeably until 31 March 2020 between chainage 44 and 50 km. In the second phase foreseeably, the works will last until 28 April between chainage 49 and 55 km. In the third phase the works will be carried out between chainage 54 and 60 km until 27 March 2020. The fourth phase will be carried out between chainage 59 and 60 and will foreseeably finish on 25 June 2020.

During the works the fast lane will be closed and the slow – and emergency lanes will be available for the travellers. Therefore, 2×2 traffic lanes will be ensured for the travellers with the exception of the traffic diversion installation period.
The guard rail exchange works are expected to be finished foreseeably on 25th June 2020 with the demolition of traffic diversion.
The rest areas and petrol stations are not affected during the works.
During the pavement reconstruction works the maximum speed will be limited to 60 and 80 km/h.

Information about current traffic restrictions and diversions will be continuously provided by Útinform on website, AKA Zrt. on website and the operator – AWAY Zrt. AKA Zrt. asks travellers to drive more carefully, with keeping the speed limit on the M5 motorway.
Unforeseeable events may result changes in the above mentioned schedule, AKA Zrt. reserves the right to modify the schedule of maintenance works.

We wish you a safe trip!

AKA Zrt.