AKA Alföld Koncessziós Autópálya Zrt. and M5 Motorway Operator Company A-WAY Zrt. have prepared for the winter season with its winter maintenance machinery and continuous road control. The winter season on the M5 motorway has started with lectures and the presentation of vehicles at Balástya OMC.

At the traditional winter maintenance event, Balázs Pásti CEO of AKA Zrt. welcomed the guests, followed by a lecture that was given by Attila Taskovics, operation manager of A-WAY Zrt. on the preparation process for the season. After presenting the winter maintenance preparatory works, operator introduced special machinery for winter maintenance, preparation of adapters as well as advised travellers about useful winter traffic tips. Afterwards, the vehicle fleet prepared for the winter season was presented.

Winter maintenance of the 156.6-kilometre-long stretch of the motorway is performed by three operation and maintenance centres – in Újhartyán, Kiskunfélegyháza and Balástya – and by special vehicles prepared for winter. De-icing and snowploughing will be done by nine vehicles of the company’s own property, six multifunctional Unimogs eligible for salting and ploughing, further three for loading and additional machines can be hired if needed.

To secure continuous traffic the operator regularly monitors the condition of the motorway. Road conditions will be monitored in every two hours in the daytime, and in every four hours between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

In order to increase road safety a surveillance camera system is operated, that provides live feed in junctions and rest areas too. Meteorological stations along the motorway forward the latest weather data in every five minutes and cloud image data combined with satellite records is also provided by the Hungarian Meteorological Service in every 15 minutes. In addition, SOS phone boxes are also available at all even kilometres for the travellers’ safety.

Safe and smooth traffic depends on the attitude of drivers and the condition of vehicles too. Cars need to be checked technically and equipped for winter.

Before leaving for longer journeys we should check the latest road information provided by Utinform and the interactive map of AKA Zrt. We must also pay attention to keep the traffic regulations and the safety distance as well.

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