In the interest of transit in Hungary and development of the southern region, in 1992 the government invited an international tender for renovation, modernization and further construction of motorway M5:  

  Signing of Concession Contract – 35 years
  Foundation of AKA Zrt.
  Starting of toll collection
  Completion of Phase 1 construction
  State Motorway Management Company (ÁAK Zrt.) purchases 39,48% of AKA’s shares Introduction of availability payment mechanism Signing of Construction Contract for Phase II
  Opening of Phase II
  Opening of Phase III
  Opening of Lajosmizse weigh station
  ÁAK sells its shares to M5 Holding GmbH
  Sole shareholder in AKA: M5 Holding GmbH (100% subsidiary of Strabag SE)

Mission of AKA Zrt: