Road surface repair works on M5 Motorway in the area of Lajosmizse
Road surface repair works will be carried out on M5 Motorway in the area of Lajosmize between 13th April and 5th May 2018 in the direction of Budapest between chainage 68 and 73 km. During the repair works controlling will be ceased on the weigh station. The onramp at Kecskemét North Interchange will be closed at km section 73 towards the direction of Budapest, due to reconstruction works between 23 April and 25 April. Traffic diverting route will be ensured.

On the motorway from the direction of Budapest one traffic lane will be diverted into the direction of Szeged, ensuring the two traffic lanes for the travellers travelling towards both directions between chainage 68 and 73 km during the road surface repair works.

During the repair works it is not possible to enter the weigh station, controlling will be ceased.

During the closing of the onramp at Kecskemét North interchange, traffic diverting routes will be ensured for the travellers. Travellers travelling towards Budapest can avoid the closing throughout Kecskemét West interchange, here it is possible to enter the motorway into the direction of Budapest.

The road surface repair works are expected to be finished foreseeably on 5th May 2018. During the pavement reconstruction works the maximum speed will be limited to 60 and 80 km/h.

Information about current traffic restrictions and diversions will be continuously provided by Útinform, Police, the road manager - AKA Alföld Koncessziós Autópálya Zrt. - and operator - AWAY-ITE Zrt.- of the M5 motorway. An up-to-date map, with the latest route information is available on the webpage of AKA Zrt. (www.aka.hu) and its optimized version for mobile devices are also available. Unforeseeable events may result changes in the above mentioned schedule, AKA Zrt. reserves the right to modify the schedule of maintenance works.

We wish you a safe trip!

AKA Zrt.